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Ten Years in the Making: Relentless Determination on the Development of Kasemrad Hospital, Prachachuen

                Kasemrad Hospital, Prachachuen, first started its operation on 15 of July 1997 under the administration of Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited and has reached its 16th anniversary with determination in global standard medical services. Adhering to medical service and occupational standards fully equipped with hospital rooms and facilities—and just as important, affordable costs—the hospital takes into account ethical and occupational integrity, as well as the determination to develop a standard medical service for the people, environment and for the awareness of natural resources.

                In addition to medical services, Kasemrad Hospital provides support to various agencies and organizations in order to create direct and indirect social benefits such as mobile medical unit, health advice, promoting traditional activities and festivities, and cooperating with the public sector in natural preservation. Furthermore, the hospital also regularly organizes various free-of-charge seminars to give knowledge to participants.

                Kasemrad Hospital, Prachachuen, has policy that ensures the majority of the country receives equal medical services, which in turn meets various government policies.

General Patients and Private Health Insurance Patients

Kasemrad Hospital, Prachachuen, is aware of the benefits for consumers who pay out of their own pockets. As such, the hospital tries to meet this need by allocating medical expertise in every medical field, using advanced technology for precision and effectiveness, equipping medical facilities, and conducting research to find the needs of consumers and ways to meet your needs. More importantly, the hospital has set its medical and service fees to be fair and reasonable to ensure that consumers feel they have received valuable service.

                Furthermore, the public relations unit has been set up to provide services in coordination and documentation for patients, insurance agents and insurance companies in order for each medical treatment to be its most valuable.

Health Insurance Patients and Workmen’s Compensation Fund

 Kasemrad Hospital, Prachachuen, has registered as social security medical institution with the Social Security Office under the Social Security Act. In the first year of 1999, 40,000 people selected Kasemrad Hospital, Prachachuen, as their trusted social security medical institution. The number gradually increased and now there are approximately 120,000 insurers. Such a high number requires the hospital to accommodate 500 patients per day. Services are provided in Outpatient Department 2 on the first floor and the Inpatient Department in Ward 5 BC, which is equipped with 80 beds. As for the facilities for insurers, the hospital has set up a medical coordination for documentation service, reimbursement and coordination between the personnel unit of the Social Security Office and other relevant hospitals.

Kasemrad Hospital, Prachachuen, and 1 Decade of Medical Services  

The development of a global standard began in 1999. Kasemrad Hospital has achieved the approval of ISO 9002:1994 standard under the quality policy “Quality Development for the Satisfaction of Service Providers under Occupational Standard” on 9 September 1999. The standard has since been continually developed, from ISO 9002:1994 to ISO 9001:2000 in 2002, in order to elevate the medical quality and provide more coverage. At this point, the hospital has entered the HA standard and was approved in 2006.

Many of you may wonder what is HA? What do you gain from an HA-approved hospital?

HA or Hospital Accreditation is a hospital development and quality assurance process used for accrediting hospitals, providing incentives for development. The accreditation evaluates whether a hospital has good management system, quality and safety service, and consistent performance evaluation in all aspects including service, management and medical care. This evaluation is based on criteria set out in the HA standard.

The concept of HA originated in American 50 years ago and since then spread to various countries. Today there are 70 countries that implement this system as a means for urging and promoting quality development. Each country may apply the system differently but they are based on the same concept and principle, and have the same goals for medical quality and safety of the patients.

As for Thailand, hospital accreditation began in the form of hospital standard management by the Medical Council and has since developed consistently. Studies on how other countries implement this system have been conducted until eventually, a hospital accreditation, or HA, was created. The Healthcare Accreditation Institute (HAI) under the governance of the Health Systems Research Institute and the Minister of Public Health who is tasked with studying, developing, knowledge transferring, evaluating, and providing HA approval to both public and private hospitals.


Hospital Standards for Evaluating and Accrediting Hospitals cover the following 6 main components:

1. Development determination

2. Resource and effectiveness in resource management

3. Continual quality assurance and quality development

4. Personnel occupational standards and ethics

5. Rights of patients and organization ethics

6. Medical caring process


When entering an HA-approved hospital, you can be assured that such hospital:

1. Has a secure system in preventing medical errors and ensures minimum risk;

2. Has a system in selecting and developing personnel to ensure proper knowledge and competencies;

3. Has a system on monitoring standards and ethics of medical practitioners;

4. Has a quality service and highest level of caring based on cautiousness, compassion and respect in the rights and dignity of its patients.