About Us

Vision & Mission


A quality hospital loved and trusted by the people and happiness of the personnel



1. Promoting personnel potential to become an expertise in his/her line of work;

2. Developing medical technology to be effective and up-to-date;

3. Providing integrated medical care (physical, mind, emotion, social) across 4 dimensions (treatment, prevention, recondition and encouraging good health);

4. Encouraging a safe workplace and to the surrounding environment;

5. Stimulate and encourage a continual development process and learning practice.


(Core value)  (TEAM PCC)

K – Knowledge  Friendly Culture

A – Attitude to Health Promotion

S – Staff Focus

E – Ethic & Professional Standard

M –Management Effectiveness

R – Responsibility to Community

A – Approach by Fact

D – Directional Oriented Leadership


International Patient Safety Goals KHPCC Hospital

IPSG1:  (Patient Identifications)

IPSG2: (Improve Effective Communication)

IPSG3:  (Improve the Safety of High-Alert Medication)

IPSG4: (Ensure Correct-Site,  Correct-Procedure Correct-Patient Surgery)

IPSG5: (Reduce the Risk of Health Care-Associated Infections)

IPSG6:(Reduce the Risk of   Patient Harm Resulting from Falls)