Clinics & Centers

Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic

Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical therapy Clinic provides “Acupuncture” to relief pains.

Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

Cardiovascular Center

The Cardiovascular Center at Kasemrad Rattanthibeth Hospital employs comprehensive

Pediatric center

All parents want their children to be strong, healthy and immune to illness.

Ear Nose Throat center

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Center at Kasemrad Rattanathibeth Hospital brings together otolaryngologists and audiologists in a center specially designed for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the ear,

General psychiatry adult & pediatric clinic

General psychiatry adult & pediatric clinic care the patient as a holistic care. We emphasized to search cause and corrected treatment for happiness and quality of life .

Internal Medicine Center

We aims the importance of family health care with all around in health problems, inheritance problem. Including, prevention to the member of family and find out solution at the same time.

Endocrine, Diabetes and Height in child clinic

- Are your kids too fat? - Are your son grow too fast? - Are your son having crocked voices earlier? - Are your kids having height in child problem? - Puberty (before 9 year old)

Endocrinology center. Precocious Puberty, Obesity in children

- In girls the presence of developed breasts prior 8 years old - In boys large-sized testacies before the age of 9 -Teller than classmate - Gain more weight